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ePestReports is a pest control software program that has been designed and developed by  experienced, industry professionals (over 40 years combined) to ‘fill a gap’in the commercial  reporting segment. 

The industry is fortunate that there are some good business management program options  available but none that address reporting of commercial services or recurring services  including termite baiting and monitoring. 

While ePestreports carries many business management features (data base management,  invoicing, debtor control, document management) our aim is to provide a simple to use,  effective and efficient tool to produce industry best commercial reports. Users are free to  offer customers various levels of reporting from basic reports up to and exceeding HACCP  level with activity data, trend analysis and supporting pictures.

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Our Mission

ePestReports is to provide the pest control industry a program that is simple to use, easy to  learn and affordable and be available to pest control businesses of all levels. 

The program is to add value to all users. The pest technician on site, the Admin user in the  office and most importantly, the customer.

WHO USES ePestReports ?

  • All businesses wishing to increase their Commercial portfolio 

  • Smaller pest control businesses (Bus management/reporting/invoicing ) - Larger pest control businesses that wish to go paperless 

  • Businesses that need to offer higher level reporting (trend analysis, heat maps, pictures) 

  • Businesses offering Termite baiting/monitoring  

  • Businesses wishing to offer transparency of service via bar code scanning

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